Vapor Phase Soldering Machines For SMD Components and Base Materials

The CSI Company is the North American Distributor of IBL Vapor Phase Soldering Systems.

IBL Vapor Phase technology enables the use of lead free solders. We offer a complete series of vapor phase soldering machines for virtually any use and production throughput. Equipment can be selected in accordance with production demands (e.g. board size, through-put, in-line handling or batch type machine).

IBL Vapor Phase - Discover a lead free process without the risk of overheating the board or damaging components! Are you ready for NO LEAD?

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IBL Vapor Phase Mini Lab - desktop unit for laboratory and rework
IBL SLC 304 – batch type, hand loaded, mid size through-put
IBL SLC 504 – in line machine for medium volume
IBL LV 600 – in line machine for high volume

Four series of different sized models results in 16 different standard vapor phase reflow systems. The IBL Vapor Phase Soldering Systems are available as batch or in-line type machines. These machines are available in Economy and Premium version. These models are offering different levels of soldering comfort.

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